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Aus der GMA Datenbank
activator QSOs 2965041
with stations in 299 countries
activated summits in 62 countries
chaser QSOs 1358142
with stations in 293 countries
total activations 103883
activated summits 16460
activations in Sep 2023 832
in Aug 2023 923
in Jul 2023 833
Top 3 most activated summits
1.DA/AV-346 Eschlberg857
2.DA/SX-215 Lunapark304
3.DA/SX-031 Lerchenberg267
Top 3 most chased summits
1.DA/SX-031 Lerchenberg3993
2.DA/SX-215 Lunapark3781
3.DA/SX-284 Kahleberg3664
We also activated
WWFF Areas5143
Islands (IOTA)199
Castles (COTA)3445
and we chased
WWFF Areas29217
Islands (IOTA)1261
Castles (COTA)18527

Tue, 03-Oct-2023
Sat, 07-Oct-2023
IARU-Region-1 UHF/Microwaves Contest
Sun, 08-Oct-2023
IARU-Region-1 UHF/Microwaves Contest (cont.)
Tue, 10-Oct-2023
NAC 70cm
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5. Mühlentag On The Air am 20. Mai 2024

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Welcome to the GMA Network.

You can earn your first GMA (supported) awards without having an account. Just check if you've already scored enough points.

GMA - Global Mountain Activity

Mountain radio without compromises! Every single elevation above 100 meters above sea level can be activated here. For every 100 meters of height, you will earn a valuable point that will be directly credited to your GMA account.

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GMA is characterized by special reference numbers that make it easy to distinguish these mountain references from others. But what makes it even more special is that all references, whether from SOTA, Humps Award, or other mountain programs, are equally recognized here in GMA.

Immerse yourself in our website where you can upload your QSOs and compare them with the results of other enthusiastic mountain radio operators. Here you will find a vibrant community that supports and motivates you in your mountain radio adventure. Get ready to climb the peaks and conquer the airwaves - together we create unforgettable radio experiences!

GMA in a Nutshell

Unlocking the Essence of Mountain Radiosport

Readtime 2 Minutes

GMC - Global Mountain Challenge

The Ultimate Competition in the Mountains!

Prepare yourself for the ultimate adventure in the Global Mountain Challenge (GMC)! This competition takes place in the breathtaking mountainous landscapes, pushing participants to their limits. It's a test of endurance, skill, and strategy like no other.

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Join us in this thrilling challenge as we conquer the majestic peaks and face the rugged terrain. Whether you're an avid mountaineer or a radio enthusiast, the GMC offers an unparalleled experience. Climb to new heights, overcome obstacles, and showcase your determination.

Compete against fellow adventurers from around the world as you navigate through the mountainous regions. The GMC is designed to challenge your abilities and reward your achievements. Only the most skilled and dedicated participants will emerge victorious.

Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey? Join the Global Mountain Challenge and etch your name in the history of mountain conquests.

GMAC - Global Mountain Activity Contest (VHF)

The Thrilling Radio Adventure in the Mountains!

Are you ready for the thrill? GMAC awaits you every first Tuesday of the month starting at 7:00 PM local time and every third Sunday of the month starting at 08:00 UTC in the bustling 2m band. Whether you prefer voice communication or telegraphy, every direct QSO counts – measured by the kilometers covered and the locator grid squares.

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It's all about the challenge of overcoming the mountains with your radio signal. Push your performance to the limit and fight for every valuable point. GMAC is the ultimate competition that demands your skills and strategy.

Find the perfect timing to dive into the battle and strategically utilize your radio abilities to maximize the kilometers covered and locator grid squares. Show the world that you are a true master of VHF communication!

For more information and the current rules, please visit this link.

Prepare yourself to participate in this captivating mountain adventure and conquer the radio scene. Be the champion of GMAC and revel in the glory and recognition that your exceptional skills deserve!

GMA Triathlon:

A Versatile Outdoor Competition!

Mountains, castles and fortresses (WCA), flora & fauna (WWFF), lighthouses (ARLHS/ILLW), islands (IOTA), and mills (MOTA) form the exciting backdrop, offering you a wide range of activation opportunities in the GMA Triathlon.

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Whether you are unable to activate mountains due to geographical limitations, on vacation, or simply seeking an outdoor adventure, you can participate as an activator or a hunter. You must accumulate points in at least three of the five mentioned outdoor programs, with mountain activation being mandatory. The exact points requirements can be found in the Triathlon rules.

The following guidelines apply:
  • Activation under GMA conditions (see above): 4 QSOs per activation
  • Activation from vacation accommodations, for example: Number of QSOs according to the original rules (e.g., WWFF with 44 QSOs)
Join this exciting Triathlon and experience the fascination of various outdoor programs! Get more information in the Triathlon rules.

S2S Weekend Activity

S2S = Summit to Summit. Each quarter of the year activity days will take place. This means: Double points per activation and double points for each QSO for chasers.

DOWNLOAD the complete rules as PDF

GMA Awards and Certificates

A World of Recognition and Achievements!

Get ready for a breathtaking journey through the realm of GMA Awards and Certificates that will expand your radio horizons. Here, you'll discover a multitude of captivating accolades that can be earned by both activators in the mountains and operators at home. And the best part? All these impressive awards are completely free and can be downloaded directly as high-quality PDFs, ready to be printed or saved.

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Immerse yourself in the diversity of awards and explore the exciting possibilities that lie before you. Whether you're seeking an adventure in the mountains or aiming to showcase outstanding achievements from your home station, you'll find exactly what you're looking for.

Experience the pure joy of holding a GMA Award in your hands and feel the pride that comes with it. Show the world your accomplishments and collect remarkable certificates that reflect your passion and dedication to the radio hobby.

Embark on a journey through our fascinating world of awards, where you can explore various categories and opportunities. Here is the link to a comprehensive overview of the awards.

Reach for the stars, let the fascination of GMA Awards and Certificates inspire you, and fill your radio journey with unforgettable achievements.

DL0GMA with special DOK GMA

DL0GMA is the clubcall of IG GMA and member of DARC DOK X17, Gotha, in Thuringia. The Call is used for outdoor activities. If you are operating from Germany and would like to use this callsign, then contact please the responsible.

Requests to: dl0gma (ät)

GMA Forum
SOTA-DL verliert ca. die Hälfte der Referenzen
28.09.2023, 18:33
von dl7urb
in Allgemeine Diskussion
Kartendarstellung / map display
28.09.2023, 07:31
von andy
Neue Referenz DA/MF-059
25.09.2023, 20:54
von DG4MFC
in Mangfallgebirge - DA/MF oder DL/MF
Neue Support-Adresse
25.09.2023, 14:08
von dl4mfm
Wie kann ich einen Berg löschen?
22.09.2023, 23:07
von DL1CR
in Hilfe & Anleitungen

Who is Camilla?
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03.02.2024 in 127 days
04.02.2024 in 128 days

Chaser-Bingo Sep 2023 Most wanted regions:
DA/RP : 4%
LX : 4%
M : 5%
Bingo : 0
Double-Bingo : 0
Triple-Bingo : 0
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GMA Outdoor Activities

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