smartGMA GMA | 20.09.2021 14:10z
20 Sep 1400z 14061 18085 21061-CW EA8/DL2DXA/P EA8/GC-003
de DL2DXAEAFF-0680
20 Sep 1400z 14061 18085 21061-SSB EA8/DL2DXA/P EAFF-0680
de DL2DXAEA8/GC-003
20 Sep 1430z SSB VE9MY/VE9GLF VEFF-0787
de VE9MYWill Post and Spot when active.
20 Sep 1430z 14-CW DL4TO/P DM/HE-097
de DL4TOtime vy++/--, all bands possible
20 Sep 1445z SSB VE2GT VEFF-2502
de VE2GT
20 Sep 1630z SSB OK2HF/P OKFF-0152
de OK2HF14MHz
20 Sep 1730z SSB VE9MY/VE9GLF VEFF-2709
de VE9MYWill Post and Spot when active.
20 Sep 1830z 14,320-SSB OK2HF/P OKFF-0031
de OK2HF14MHz
20 Sep 1900z SSB VE2GT VEFF-2446
de VE2GT
20 Sep 2000z SSB VE9MY/VE9GLF VEFF-0800
de VE9MYTime is approx, watch for posts/spots.
20 Sep 2200z 20m-CW 30m-CW 40m-CW 80m-CW KG5OWB KFF-3503
de KG5OWBCW only - will stay to do late shift
21 Sep 0600z 40M-SSB 20M-SSB 80M-SSB MW0KCB/P GWFF-0056
21 Sep 0645z SSB, CW F5NLX/P FFF-2688
de F5NLX
21 Sep 0730z OF8UV/P OHFF-0088
de OH8UVName of the park is Itämäen luonnonsuojelualue. Time +- 30 min.
21 Sep 0800z SSB, CW EA7-ON4LO-P EAFF-0014
de ON4LOALSO ON 22-09-2021 SAME REF
21 Sep 0900z SSB, DATA EA4SE EAFF-1670
de EA4SE80-60-40-20-15M , SSB , RTTY, FT-4
21 Sep 0900z 14-CW 10-CW 7-CW M0DHP/P GFF-0282
21 Sep 1000z OF8UV/P OHFF-0456
de OH8UVTime +- 1h
21 Sep 1000z 80M-SSB 40M-SSB MW0KCB/P GW/HNW-078
de M0KCBTime +/-30min. HEMA GW/HNW-078
22 Sep 0730z 80 - 15 Mtr.-CW DL7VKD/P DLFF-0721
de DL7VKD too X28807