smartGMA GMA | 07.12.2022 01:08z
07 Dez 0900z 40>80>20m-SSB 40 - 17m-CW Back to 40m-SSB DL8ECA/P DLFF-0920
de DL8ECATime +/- 1 h
07 Dez 0900z HF-CW PA44WFF/P PAFF-0224
de PA9CWKX3 - QRP - CW
07 Dez 0930z SSB, CW M0RBG/P GFF-0349
de M0RBG40/30/20/17/15/12
07 Dez 1000z SSB, CW 2E0FTD/P GFF-0013
de 2E0FTDALSO WCA/ECA 00920 Brocolitia Roman Fort
07 Dez 1115z HF-CW PA44WFF/P PAFF-0147
de PA9CWKX3 - QRP - CW
07 Dez 1315z HF-CW PA44WFF/P PAFF-0063
de PA9CWKX3 - QRP - CW
08 Dez 0600z HF-SSB,CW II8FF IFF-0180
de IZ8XXE[qlh] completed with great success test short version with coil, the END FED antenna test continues (EFHW UNUN 49: 1 by IZ8GCE p
08 Dez 1300z SSB, CW F5NLX/P FFF-1723
de F5NLX
08 Dez 1405z SSB, CW F5NLX/P FFF-1731
de F5NLX