QWTelnet 2.4.0 Download (07-APR-2012)

now with GMAwatch and GMA DXCluster Alerts GMA = German Mountain Award)

QWTelnet is a DX-Cluster telnet-programm and SOTAwatch parser with audio alerts, so that you not always have to pay attention to the screen. You can activate the alarm in a configuration file, also the search patterns for the "remark"-part of the DX-Cluster string.

This beta version runs under Windows (tested W7), later are Linux etc. versions possible. Download the ZIP-File and unzip it. A directory QWTELNET will be created. Run from there qwtelnet.exe. The software doesn't have an installation or deinstalletion tool. If you do not like QWTelnet simply delete the directory.

DX Window

Single Bands



SOTAwatch Parser

Reverse Beacon Network

If you like additional Islands On The Air (IOTA) information (see screenshot), you need a comma-separated IOTA-reference file. It is possible to download one from the internet. Because I do not know the copyright-status I do not distribute them with QWTelnet.

Download 1 of the following files:

  • Download UCX-Log and unzip IOTA.CSV, copy it as iota.csv into qwtelnet/files
  • Download a DX4WIN_IOTA.TXT file, copy it as iota.csv into qwtelnet/files

There are distributed reference files for WWF and RDA taken directly from their Websites.

  • The WFF reference XLS is exported into files/wff.csv
  • The RDA reference file is original rda-eng.txt

DXCC and SOTA information are Weblinks to QWphp Country Check and Adventure Radio.DE SOTA Information.

If you like, send me your suggestions, ideas, comments, wishes, improvement proposals to:

dc7ccc at darc de

QWTelnet 2 is an beta version and a complete redesign of QWTelnet from ~ 1995.
73 de Mario

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